Simply Coffee for your customers

Simply Coffee is a new way to get coffee on the go.

When you first taste a coffee from one of our easy-to-use self-serve coffee units, you might be pleasantly surprised.

We only use the finest Rainforest Alliance sourced, arabica coffee beans and real milk in every cup!

Simply Coffee is a quick and convenient way for your customers to grab a great coffee on the move.

Simply Coffee with a splash of convenience

Simply Coffee™ has created its delicious 100% arabica “Ethical Espresso” coffee blend from less than 1% of the world’s finest coffee beans sourced through ethical trade organisations.

We have carefully selected our beans from estates in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica & Honduras.

Our coffee is then hand roasted for 18 minutes to deliver the perfect balance of body and flavour in the cup.

The Simply Coffee unit always use’s real milk – no creamer or artificial products. So if you fancy a latte, tea cappuccino or hot chocolate, you can be sure of the freshest taste and finest ingredients.


Sustainable Sourcing

You can also relax in the knowledge that 100% of our coffee has been sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.


Reasons why our Coffee is Better.

Better Green Beans:

We only use Grade 2 Arabica green beans, sourced directly from estates in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica & Honduras. That’s why we’re proud to show the country of origin for every bean on each bag of coffee. Other’s do not declare the grade, origin and composition of bean varietals on pack.

Hand roasted:

We don’t use computers to roast our coffees – each of our bean varietals is handroasted by craftsmen with decades of experience. It takes longer, but makes for better flavour. Other’s bulk roast their coffee via automated high yield radiation.

18 Minute Slow Roast:

We roast at a low heat, for a long time. It produces a darker, richer roast with a strong sweet flavour. Some competitors blast their beans with scorching heat for a mere four and a half minutes. Our competitor’s roast their coffee for a mere four to twelve minutes per tonne.

Naturally Cooled:

We end our roast by stirring handroasted beans in an open tray; they cool slowly, which protects and enhances the flavour. Other roasters water quench, which fades flavour and adds artificial weight. Other’s use water to cool their beans – which fades flavour and artificially adds 5% additional weight.

Date Roasted:

Our coffee is fresh produce – it reaches a peak flavour 12 to 24 hours after roasting. That’s why we handroast on demand, pack straight after roasting, and display the date and time of roasting on packs. Other’s by the nature of their cooling processes only pack their coffee days after roasting and do not declare the date of roasting on pack.

Fresh Valve Technology:

Because fresh roast coffee releases gases, our pack has a one-way valve. It lets the coffee breathe, yet protects flavour. Without this, other roasters must wait days before packing. How fresh is that? In contrast other companies pack their coffee days after roasting and use valves that allow air in the bag – it makes for cheaper packaging but allows additional oxidation to occur.

Coffee with a Conscience:

We give 5% of our net profits to coffee communities, our commitment to ethical trade ensures that we only buy coffee from recognised ethical traders or directly from sustainable farms and co-operatives. Other’s cannot stand over the ethics of their purchasing policy.

Simply Coffee technology

Our self-serve coffee units are designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain and above all – to produce a high quality cup of coffee every time. Year after year, in pursuit of perfection, refinements have been made to our state-of-the art technology. And it’s by maintaining this focus that we’ll continue to surprise and delight our customers with new products and innovations in the years to come.

Key system benefits:

  • Less than 1m² of floor space required
  • Pay at till or pay at machine with coin, sms, nfc / chip & pin payment options
  • Precision grinding, tamping and water temperature
  • Milk steamed to perfection – smooth, velvety and naturally sweet
  • Touch screen technology
  • Video advertising
  • Intelligent real-time reporting telemetry

Partner With Us

Simply Coffee has a lot to offer companies who have customers in need of a coffee! In airport, railway stations, hospitals, universities, convenience stores, forecourts and serviced buildings, there’s always time for a delicious, fast, refreshing Simply Coffee on the go. We currently work with partners across the UK including forecourts, convenience stores, leisure centres, contract catering and facilities management companies. Join us today and watch your revenues grow.

Rapid response: We have secured the services of Coca Cola Enterprises for the provision of our maintenance and engineering support. Coca Cola Enterprises have over 220 service engineers nationwide thereby guaranteeing we will be able to maintain and service your coffee system wherever you are, so our solution is always ready to earn you money.

Why Work With Us?

  • No capital outlay – no risk: That’s because we’ll install your machine for free, and provide all your coffee and consumables (including milk). When we say no capital outlay, we mean it we will even install your water and electrics to the right location in store-providing they exist on the site in the first instance!
  • Great choice: All the speciality tastes that have become so popular today – cappuccino, caffè latte, hot chocolate, mocha, americano, flat white, espresso, skinny latte and a first in this sector fresh leaf tea with real milk. Plus flavour shots vanilla and hazelnut.
  • Revenue share with partners: A unique revenue share scheme where income from coffee sales is shared at an agreed percentage rate with our partners.
  • Rapid response: With access to over 225 Coke engineers nationwide (10 times more than any of our competitors) thereby guaranteeing we will maintain and service your coffee system, so it’s always ready to earn you money.
  • Unique telemetry: Using a gsm connection, we can remotely manage faults and provide immediate corrective action to ensure minimal downtime and maximum sales form your Simply Coffee concession. We will also monitor your daily sales and provide a variety of category management reports.
  • Help-desk: Our helpline is open from 7.30 to 21.00 Monday to Friday and from 9.00 to 1800 at the weekend and on bank holidays.
  • Point of sale: A range of high-impact promotional materials will help you maximise coffee sales.
  • Brand guardians: Our team of experts will visit your site and train your staff, replenish stock, audit your systems and provide advice on how to maximise sales and product quality.

Our Partners


Simply Coffee on the go for forecourts and convenience stores, motorway service areas, railway stations and airport locations.


An ideal solution for busy hotel and leisure centre guests who want to grab their coffee and get on their way. Perfect for lobbies, receptions and coffee bar areas.

Contract Catering

We work with contract caterers in a range of sectors from business and industry to government, education and healthcare.

Forecourts & Retail

Whether your catering and vending facilities are in-house or contracted out to an external caterer, we can provide a 24 hour gourmet coffee solution for your clients.

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