Our range of self-serve coffee towers offer a coffee shop experience without the need for full time staff to operate and maintain the machines. Equipped with premium technology that gives you complete insight into performance, our coffee vending machines can be coin operated and also offer cashless payment, providing a hassle free approach.


How does our profit share scheme work for you?

Use the calculator to work out how much profit you could make based on cups sold per day
Simply Coffee offers the complete hot drinks menu. With sophisticated technology, customers can customise their coffee strength to suit their personal tastes. It’s stylish design and interactive HD screen makes it stand out from the crowd

With a branded Simply Coffee machine, you have the opportunity to attract brand loyal consumers and set your own retail prices so that you can maximise your profit.

Use the calculator to work out your profit based on cups sold per day. (£2.00 per cup on a 3 year revenue share)


How many cups do you sell per day?

Your estimated annual profit


This estimated profit share calculator is based on a 50% share at £2.00 per cup.